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Hello! Welcome to The Beehive Saver!

My name is Lisa Devereaux and I live on the Gold Coast, Australia with my twin daughters.

The Beehive Saver

The Beehive Saver was born from an inspiration to share the awareness and importance of the honey bees for food security. As a Bachelor of Science graduate, I have always had a keen interest in the world around us and how to contribute to important environmental challenges.  One such challenge is the unprecedented decline in honey bee colonies around the globe.

Honey bees (Apis mellifera) are essential for the pollination of about one third of the food we eat – including fruit, vegetables, oils, seeds and nuts – yet globally their health and ability to pollinate our crops is under serious threat.

The causes are still largely unknown.

I currently work with Australian researchers who are researching the threats to bee health in order to better understand bee colony collapse and find solutions that will help secure crop pollination.

The Beehive Saver aims to promote this awareness through blog and products. 

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