Start your Apprenticeship with our Online Beekeeping Course

If you are busy like me and can’t wait to enroll in a local course in beekeeping (or if there is no courses locally for you to join), then I recommend getting your apprenticeship started with the Beekeeping Apprentice.

This online beekeeping course has been recently designed and launched to give you a complete A-Z Course for New Beekeepers, from Buying the Hive to Harvesting the Honey.

Starting out as a beekeeper can be a bit scary and daunting so why not get started with our teacher Ben Moore, who has coached many through the shaky period of being a new beekeeper.

Beekeeper Apprentice Online Course

Beekeeping Apprentice is the first course of its kind that offers…

A Complete, All-In-One-Place Training Program If you’re new to beekeeping, you’ll find tons of information online that can help you on your beekeeping journey.

But a one-stop-shop that actually WALKS you through each decision you need to make along the way, from buying a hive to harvesting honey? Ours is the first and only one currently available.

Access To A Private Facebook For Real-Time Decision Making Got a question?

Now you don’t have to wait for your monthly beekeepers’ meet-up to get the answer. You’ll belong to a supportive online network of new beekeepers that are asking the same questions you are (plus Beekeeper Ben will answer questions on weekly live Q&A sessions).

Click here to review the modules and start the program. Here is another step to become a confident beekeeper in 60 days! And learn what bees need to survive and thrive white receiving a steady supply of free honey, and leave a legacy on our ailing planet.

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