Liquid Gold: Australian honey taking the world

Honey medicinal benefit has been known for a long time. A local Australian story has just highlighted how Western Australia is experiencing a new gold rush, but it has nothing to do with precious metals. It's liquid honey, rich in antimicrobial and other health-giving properties – and the rest of the world can’t get enough of it.

The prized honey — which has been found to eclipse the health benefits of New Zealand’s famous manuka honey — is now fetching as much as $1000 a kilogram in speciality stores in Asia.

In summary:

  • WA’s strict quarantine laws means bees here are unaffected by pests and diseases, leaving our honey untainted by antibiotics or pesticides.
  • WA producers were working together to certify international distributors and create consistent industry standards.
  • Newly formed Honey Bee Products Collaborative Research Centre (CRC), which was opened in Perth at the end of last year has new areas of research in bee health, nutrition and professional certification.
  • WA has what is thought to be the world's oldest continuous queen bee breeding program on Rottnest Island (The Better Bee Program) which could be crucial if Australia has to survive a future incursion of varroa mite.

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Jarrah and marri honey: A liquid goldrush of medical benefits

Liquid Gold: Australian honey taking on the world


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