Backyard Apiology shares how he got started with Beekeeping

Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper? BackYard Apiology, is a family of bee apprentices who are learning the importance of honeybees for our everyday life right here in our own backyard!!

Today we interview Bobby about being a Beekeeper! Don't forget to follow him on Social media. 

Share a little about yourself and how long have been you been a beekeeper for?

I have been a beekeeper for one year, but helped out at an apiary for a few years 

 What was the inspiration that lead you to learn and become a Beekeeper?

My friend has 17 hives and one day he asked for my help. We began discussing bees and I got hooked!

What has been your biggest personal reward in being a beekeeper?

A huge reward for me is that so many people are asking questions about the bee's and how they can help save them.

What has been your biggest challenge in beekeeping?

For now it's just finding my queen and see if she is laying regular and hive is healthy.

How would you describe you average weekly beekeeping duties?

Since I am newer I try to go into my hive once a week. Also I plant wild flowers and herbs for the girls.

Do you have any tips and advice for newly inspired beekeepers?

Do not get discouraged . There will be days when you don't see anything new , but keep doing what your doing and it will work out. 

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